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Water Leakage in Your BMW?

We’ve received a number of enquiries and had successfully fixed a number of F10s with water leakage from the engine bay into the cabin area. This happens when the F10 gets older and the steering column cover no longer seals properly and water begin to leak into the cabin area. This can be an issue, especially during the rainy months as water can wet the cabin floor or worse, flood the whole cabin floor.

So, what went wrong? From our research, this is due to the design of the firewall(metal sheet between the engine bay and cabin). The chassis is made to cater left and right hand driver which will suit to all countries, so the steering column can be positioned either on the left or right side. The column cover is designed to cover the opening on the left when the steering is located at the right side(driver’s side in Malaysia)

First where is the exact location of this cover?

Apparently the water that flow from the car’s exterior tend to run through this particular area and once it starts to retain it will overflow from this piece of steering column cover which allow the water to enter the front passenger side. If the water floods the module area, this will end with a costly repair bill!

So how do we modify the sound proofing cover and replace the steering column cover to ensure proper seal for a peace of mind?

First, trace and remove the cover which are held by 4 screws.

Sound Proofing Cover

Begin modification by making holes on it so the water can flow out and also prepare the new steering column cover. The additional holes allow water to be expelled quickly during heavy rain.

Modified Sound Proofing Cover and New Steering Column Cover

This is how the original cover looks like with lots of dirt.

Next, remove the steering column cover

Install the brand-new steering column cover if the current one is damaged.

Clean and seal the new cover with waterproof sealant (For extra protection)

Reinstall the Sound proofing cover (secure all the 4 screws)

Secure it with the cover to protect from external dust.

Now you can be sure that your BMW remain nice and dry with this minor modification and steering column cover replacement; especially during the monsoon season. Also note that this design also applies to F30, but it is more apparent on the F10 due to the firewall design.

Contact Vebo Auto Service at 016-6802020 now to get your BMW F10 water leakage issue fixed now! We’re located in Cyberjaya, just a short 20 mins drive from Kuala Lumpur.

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