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Our Story


Established in 2018, Vebo Auto Service aims to be the post-warranty workshop of choice for all BMW and Mini owners. The idea for Vebo came up when the co-founders (both are avid automotive enthusiasts) were looking for a car workshop for their own cars. While there are many good workshops in the market, there are none that meets the co-founder's vision for a well organised, efficient and transparent workshop.

What is behind the name? Vebo is a fresh new name the co-founders coined when they were looking for a unique name that represents their automotive ideals. It also stands for the characteristics of the co-founders; VE stands for Very Efficient and BO stands for Born Optimist. Together, customers will recognise that the characteristics of the founders are incorporated into the workshop experience.


Vebo is a brand that the co-founders want customers to associate with great auto service experience.


Our motto "Your Trust Is Our Milestone" was coined from our believe that we're on a journey together with our customers. To gain trust, we need to provide the  best possible service to all customers. When trust is established, we will become automotive partners for life and that is Vebo's major milestone.



We strongly believe that an informed customer is the best customer. Vebo's customers will be fed with information on how they can best maintain or repair their cars. The information are provided via multiple platforms; including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Blog. Follow us on any social media of your choice to get the latest information.



Team Vebo is the embodiment of the founder's vision to create a single cohesive team who works together to provide the best service to the customers. Our common goal is to gain customer's trust by providing the best possible service every single time.


With great teamwork, we aim to ensure workplace safety, be efficient and achieve job satisfaction

Do you think you have what it takes to be Team Vebo? Apart from relevant automotive certification and experience, we look for employees with great personality and discipline. Just email your CV to to apply.

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